Department Of  Busıness / Management Information Systems

(Assist.Prof. Dr. R.Haluk KUL)


Course Number


Course Title

Information Systems Strategy and Management

Course Objectives

To enable the Students to design and manage the Information Systems with a Strategic Plan

Course Overview

The planning process of the Information Systems regarding to a Strategic Plan, build up and manage to operate

Teaching Style

Before midterm exam, the instructor will give the basic concepts about the course, after the midterm, student team representations will be presented during the sessions.

Suggested Teaching


Laudon & Laudon,

Management Information Systems, The Digital Firm,

Tenth Edition, Prentice HAll


P. Bocij etal,

Business Information Systems, Technology, Development and Management for the e-business,

2nd Edition, Prentice Hall


R.Schulties, M.Sumner,

 Management Information Systems, The Manager’s view.,

4th edition, Irwin Mc Graw


Marilyn Parker,

Strategic Transformation and Information Systems;

Prentice Hall


Project and Presentations: 20%, Midterm: 20%, Final: 60%


Course Outline

Session 01

Introduction and Enhancing Decision Making

Session 02

Building Systems

Session 03

Project Management: Establishing the Business Value of Systems and Managing Change

Session 04

Managing Global Systems

Session 05

MIS Strategy

Session 06

Managing E- Business

Session 07

Managing Information Security

Session 08

Midterm Exam

Session 9

End User Computing

Session 10

Information Systems Planning

Session 11

Systems Analysis and Design

Session 12

Alternative Application Development Approaches

Session 13

Student Representations

Session 14

Student Representations

Session 15

Project and Revision